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7 Signs You Are a Bully at Work

Updated: Feb 23

Recognizing workplace bullying starts with understanding its signs and how it spreads in a workplace. Read on for some behaviours of what is and isn't bullying and harassment. 


  1. Verbal Abuse:  Frequent use of insults, derogatory remarks, or offensive language.

  2. Isolation:  Excluding an employee from group activities, meetings, or decision-making processes.

  3. Excessive Criticism:  Unwarranted and consistent criticism, often unrelated to job performance.

  4. Undermining Work:  Sabotaging an employee's work, such as hiding important information or spreading false rumours.

  5. Intimidation:  Using fear or threats to manipulate or control coworkers.

  6. Excessive Workload:  Assigning an unmanageable workload with unrealistic expectations.

  7. Public Humiliation: Belittling or embarrassing an employee in front of others.


Reasonable and respectful performance discussions on valid issues are not bullying and harassment.

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